Our Mission

At Jump Shot Range, we want to be an important part of your overall basketball development.  Our weekend trainings are a great supplement to the work you're putting in.  We believe at Jump Shot Range that the only way to compete, improve your basketball skills and gain confidence is to get ready and stay ready.

Our History

Jump Shot Range (the "Range") was founded in 2016 in Bridgeport, CT by Patrick Parker (a corporate lawyer who loves basketball).  Patrick was inspired to establish the Range when his daughter Asha took an interest in the game at age 11.  Patrick created the branded BballFit skill development program, which is a registered trademark of Jump Shot Range LLC. 

After moving to a 12,500 square feet facility in Stratford, CT the Range operated out of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Bridgeport and other areas.  Since 2016, the Range has trained thousands of young athletes to become better shooters, better ball handlers, and make better on-the-court decisions.

As for Patrick's daughter, Asha went on to play varsity basketball at Hamden Hall and Northfield Mount Hermon in MA.  Asha also played AAU basketball for Connecticut Sun WNBA player Bria Holmes (for her Bria Holmes Elite program).  Asha has received numerous scholarship offers from Division 1 schools.

Our Staff and Training

Jump Shot Range trainers love to motivate and encourage you to get to the next level.  They have played at various levels, including the high school varsity level, division 1 collegiate level, and professional level.  Our trainers specialize in comprehensive and efficient skill development so that you are getting the best results with the time you spend training with us.  We work on in-game drills that will benefit any player at any level.  We build basketball skills and confidence.

Jump Shot Range utilizes state-of-the-art equipment for our BballFit basketball training program.  The Range trains every Saturday and Sunday to provide players with a competitive edge.  Under our BballFit program, we use the revolutionary basketball shooting practice machine - Shoot-A-Way (used by 100% of NBA teams, 99% of DI college teams, and sold to 16,000 high schools) and Dr. Dish.  We also use the game-changing VertiMax for conditioning and explosiveness.